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Surprise Your Special Someone

Give a piece of Spain!

Every month – new box- new region


Surprise your special someone

Give a piece of Spain

Food subscription Box from Spain to your door!

To surprise Mr. “I don’t need anything” and Mrs. “I have everything” has become even easier!

What is "Hi Spain Box"?

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“Hi Spain box” – is an original  monthly food subscription box filled with different locally-sourced authentic and artisanal foods, snacks and drinks native to some Spanish geographic region.

Artisanal products, small batches only, unique unusual tastes and flavours you won’t find in the nearest grocery store.

Created by best friends Anna & Yana to share the passion about one of the most visited countries in the world – Spain! If today you are not able to travel here  – we´ll bring a piece of Spain to your home.

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Purchasing The box you:
  • Stand out with a special original gift;
  • Giving not only the product but unique experience – joy of discovery;
  • This gift is with social meaning – buying The box you support small local family businesses.
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A one-time purchase or 3, 6, 12 months subscription.

Food Subscription box is a perfect fit for foodies, travel and adventure lovers.

What Our Clients Are Saying

"Amazing experience! We've got the pre-launch box and we were so surprised of what we have found there. We have never seen and tasted nothinglike this before! Good luck, girls with what you do."
Diana F.
"Thank you for this great experience. I ordered this box for my mom, she loves Spain and spanish food, so it was a gift. She really loved it! Unique iteam that you won't find enywhere else."
Lean N.
"Awesome stuff inside! Wasn't expecting this. thought that it is filled with typical Spanish things, but i was so surprised to find pineapple beer and gin tonic marmalade inside. Highly recommended for those who like to exlpore new things. "
Greg M.​