June 9, 2021

10 Online Resources For Finding Property in Spain For Sale.

Finding property in Spain for sale could be chasing. Spain is a country that, with its warm weather, sea, culture, and gastronomy, attracts not only tourists, but also people who dream of living in it. Perhaps you are looking to buy a small house by the sea or an apartment in the centre of Madrid, or you are dreaming of moving to Spain to work or study and need to rent an apartment or a room, or you are looking for temporary accommodation during your trip … Where to look for such real estate? We will help you with this! In this article, we have collected the largest and most famous Internet portals for real estate, where you can find everything you need! We also collected some tips on how to choose the best property.


Here we have resourses with property in Spain for sale


is the largest real estate database in the whole of Spain, which has more than 1.3 million properties and publishes about 10,000 new listings daily. Here you can find options for both purchase and rent, houses, apartments and even rooms.


is also a large portal with a real estate database of more than 1 million 200 thousand properties throughout the country and about 8,000 new ads are published daily. Here you can also find different types of houses, apartments, and rooms.



This is a website with nearly 700,000 properties to buy and rent.


This is another portal with about 828.531 objects. This site is the most popular in the region of Catalonia, most of the published advertisements are in this part of Spain. If you are interested in finding real estate in Barcelona and its surroundings, then this is the place for you!



This site features nearly 800,000 homes, among which you can find yours!


Another good website for finding real estate. A small drawback, this website is only in Spanish. 


 Is a good option if you are looking to buy an apartment in new construction, only in Spanish.



This is an international site where you can also find many options for real estate in Spain. This web site also advertises jobs.


This one is a portal mainly for finding rental housing, here you will find many options for apartments for every taste and budget.


On this site you will find rental options for a short time, for example, for a travel or business trip.

The above sites are convenient because you can quickly and easily find and evaluate the offers that are on the real estate market in Spain on your own. Also, on such sites it is possible to directly contact the owner of the property and avoid intermediaries. 

In addition to public portals for finding property in Spain for sale, there are also professional sites owned by real estate agencies that list properties for sale or rent.

To choose the right housing, first you need to understand exactly its purpose: for a holiday on the Mediterranean in the summer, for moving to Spain for permanent residence, for living while studying, for investing in real estate. This will help you to correctly assess the layout and location of the housing and other factors as well.

For example, if you are looking for housing for a student, then you should consider the availability of the educational institution, transport interchange and ease of movement.

If you are looking for housing for investment, then you should pay attention to apartments near the beach. Or apartments that are located in the old historical districts of cities, because it will not be difficult to find tenants for apartments in such a location.

For a vacation, it is better to look not at the houses, but at the apartments. Since they do not require careful maintenance and constant maintenance, which will allow you to relax on your vacation. 

As for housing for personal residence in it, many other factors are taken into account.

Whatever you are looking for, the Spanish real estate market is very extensive. It will be able to offer you all kinds of options. In addition, Spain is a wonderful country for both travel and life.

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