March 18, 2021

15 GIFT IDEAS FOR MAN [even if he said he has everything]

We all know how difficult it is sometimes to come up with some gift ideas for man. Especially when it comes to a man!

Men are often more secretive than women, so it is very difficult to guess about their wishes or what exactly they would like to receive as a birthday gift. Sometimes it even seems to us that the person to whom we want to give a gift already has everything and it is simply impossible to surprise him with anything! But don’t worry … if you are one of those who are puzzling over the question of what to give a man, husband, boyfriend, father, friend or colleague, then you are in the right place!


We have created for you a list of the 15 most original and unique birthday gift ideas for man:

  1. It is not a secret that most men are big beer lovers! Then why not make an original gift with this drink? There are an incredible number of beer boxes. For example, Craft Beer Box from “HiSpainBox”. This is a box, which contains 6 bottles of craft beer with the most unusual and exclusive flavours. You will definitely surprise anyone with this gift!
  1. Another gift idea for your special one is a Beer Making Kit. What could be better and tastier than beer that you made by yourself? Men will surely appreciate such a creative gift and will certainly invite you to a beer tasting!
  1. By the way, about the tastings! How about a trip to your nearest winemaker for a wine tasting? This interesting and informative gift will surely please your man. He will be able to taste different wines, learn about their origins and stroll through the beautiful surroundings of the vineyards. And of course, your company will be a great bonus.
  1. Emotions are always one of the best and no fewer original gifts. Give your man an unforgettable experience: a parachute jump, a boat trip, a helicopter flight … believe us, he will remember this adventure for a looong time!
  1. A very original gift that absolutely every person will appreciate is a subscription box. You can give a monthly surprise and pleasant emotions to your father, boyfriend or friend by choosing this gift. Has your husband wanted to try Spanish food for a long time, but did not have the opportunity to go there? Give him a 3-month subscription to a box of Spanish goodies and he will dive into the gastronomy of this country from the comfort of his home!
  1. If you are looking for gift ideas for man, a friend or colleague, then Escape Room is a great option. This is a chance to have a fun and unforgettable time with friends or colleagues. All you need to do is choose the theme of the game and you are guaranteed a lot of fun!
  1. Men love all kinds of gadgets! One of the latest trends is smartwatch. This is a great gift for a man of any age and interests. This gadget will be an excellent assistant in work, in sports, and it is also an excellent health monitoring! Your husband will not remove your gift from his hand 🙂
  1. Although they don’t often talk about it, men love to relax too. Give you man a certificate for a massage or spa treatment. His rested body and mind will thank you! 
  1. One of the romantic gifts for your husband or boyfriend can be a Star Map. It can be created specifically by the date and time of birth of your loved one, or, for example, by the date

when you met. This special gift will not only decorate the interior but will also help remind you of special moments.

  1. Another cool interior decoration gift that almost all men will love is the Wooden World Map. This map will become a beautiful accent on the wall and will inspire for new travels.
  1. Travels, who doesn’t love them? One of the most incredible gifts will be a little trip for two. Organize a little getaway to one of your husband’s or boyfriend’s favourite places. It can be a luxury hotel with Spa and breakfast in the room or a wooden house in the tree with views to the mountains … you choose, but surely your man will love it.
  1. Courses! Does your beloved man dream of learning how to cook sushi or dance salsa, but never took the first step towards this? Give him inspiration (and a little kick) – give him a paid course for a month or a trial lesson! He will be surprised and pleased with such a gift!
  1. Your man has everything, and you don’t know what else you can surprise him with? Give him a personalized item! It could be a purse with his initials, a bottle of wine with his name on the label, a book of his recipes … whatever!
  1. Every grown man has a little boy inside. Make him happy and present him with a wooden 3D puzzle! An original gift that will not leave you indifferent. This amusing pre-assembled wooden construction set will be a great addition to any interior.
  1. A board game will always be one of the win-win gifts. From all gift ideas for man this gift will be useful for any family gatherings or gatherings of friends. Now, there is a huge amount of choice, you can find a game for every taste and interest. That’s a good gift idea for a birthday man! 

We hope that our gift ideas for man list will help you to choose the right one for your man. Of course, any choice should be guided by the character and tastes of a person, but we tried to choose for you the most versatile but at the same time unique gifts that everyone will be happy with. And remember that the main thing in any gift is attention and love with which you present it 😊.

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