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March 26, 2021


Ideas for Christmas gifts – where to find them? Christmas is not just a holiday, it is a magical time when we forget all the bad things, get ready for a new period of our life, meet the whole family at the festive table and exchange warm wishes and… Christmas gifts! 

Raise your hand, who has ever been running through all the shops looking for the perfect gift on Christmas Eve? I am sure that there are many of us!

To avoid these pre-New Year’s hassles on the last day, we have collected the best ideas for Christmas gifts for you. Here we go!


TOP-20 ideas for Christmas Gifts:

1. A set of different types of tea or coffee. In this cold season, who doesn’t want to warm themselves up with a cup of warm tea?

2. Funny pyjamas and slippers. In addition to a mug of tea 🙂

3. Board game. Christmas is when families, friends and colleagues come together, and this is a good way to have fun with the whole family or with a large company of friends!

4. Agenda! In the new year, such a gift will be useful to organize new travels, meetings, and business.

5. Subscription box. It will be a very original Christmas gift for any person: friend, relative, colleague. You can order a 3- or 6-month subscription for boxes of food, beer or wine, whatever you want!

6. Book. This gift will never fail, and there is a wide selection for every taste.

7. Set of fragrant candles. This gift will help you create cosiness in any home!

8. Subscription to the gym. We all love to start a “new life” on Monday. This gift could be a good start.

9. Photo calendar. You can order a wall calendar with the photos you want; it will be an original and personalized gift.


10. Knitted sweater. It will be a doubly pleasant gift if you knit it yourself, but you can also find very interesting options in stores.

11. A set of bath accessories. Another versatile and practical Christmas gift.

12. Popcorn maker. Christmas is the time of Christmas movies, which are many times more interesting when there is a popcorn bawl at hand.

13. Spa certificate. In cold weather it will be pleasant to bask and relax in the spa. You won’t go wrong with this gift.

14. Certificate for a romantic weekend. You can please your loved one with a cosy weekend in another city or somewhere in the mountains.

15. Wireless headphones. This gift will be very useful for music lovers.


16. Scratch map! To clarify, it is a great opportunity to mark the visited countries for travel lovers.

17. Thermo mug. For example, it is a good Christmas present to keep warm with the favourite hot drink at any time.

18. Chocolate set. For the sweetest tooth, who wouldn’t be delighted with the original collection of chocolate?

19. Polaroid camera. In short, a perfect gift to capture the special moments of life.

20. Cooking courses. Maybe someone among your entourage is dreaming of learning how to cook real Spanish paella or Japanese ramen soup? You can make someone’s dream come true with this gift!

So, we hope our ideas will help you choose the best gifts for your loved ones. The main thing to remember is that the most important in a gift is with what warmth and love you give it!

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  1. ‘Tis the season of giving means ‘tis the season of buying. This means investing in things for other people. However, the fear of giving a parent an expensive tablet that will collect dust in a desk drawer, or giving a granddaughter a pricey necklace she’ll never wear, is real. But this fear doesn’t have to lead to gift cards or less expensive items. You can still invest in the people you love over the holidays and make the right choice at the same time.

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