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Taste. Discover new things. Have fun without leaving your home!

Hi everyone! 

We are two friends – Yana and Anna, we started this project to share our passion for one of the most visited countries in the world – Spain! If today you are not able to travel here – we will bring a piece of Spain to your home!

“Hi Spain box” is all about food, fun and discovering new things. We are crazy about food and artisan handmade approach in the food industry.

We’ve been living in Spain for many years, and we observe how many small family businesses here creating amazingly good and unique products but are struggling to get them to the market. Especially now in a pandemic situation when the sector which had been bringing more consuming – the tourism sector is down.

We have a small dream – to create a community of “conscious consuming” where quality and artisan approach matters. To create the “bridge” which connects the final consumer with the producer. 

We believe that the marmalade you eat for breakfast tastes much better when you know where how and by whom it was made.

Our mission is split into 2:


One part is to bring you fun and new gastronomic experiences without leaving your home. Especially now when we are quite limited in travels it is essential to keep discovering new things and cultures.

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The other part is to support small local family businesses and the tourism industry which is struggling with one of the worst crises ever. To bring unknown but amazing hight quality handmade products into the light.

Subscribing to the box you support the small local businesses.

Food we are eating have names and story behind.  We would love to share these stories with you. 

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