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The most honest blog about Spain travel tips, Spanish culture, gastronomy and lifestyle. In addition, here you can find answers to your questions about what to see in Spain, where to go, what to visit in Spain, what to try, where to eat and so on.  

About Spain Travel blog

Firslty, let us introduce ourselves. We are two friends – Anna and Yana, we have started this blog to help all travellers who would like to discover Spain do it in an easier and better way. The main goal of this blog is to make your trip planning easier. The most importantly, we live in Spain for about 10 years, we love this country, admire its culture, people, places and gastronomy. Moreover, we never stop discovering its new angles. We have many things to tell and we would like to share these stories about Spain with the world.

Each year Spain hosts millions of tourists and it is not a surprise. Because this country has many things to offer. Good sunny weather almost all around the year, the bright sun, warm sea, mountains, gastronomy, touristy small Mediterranean villages, islands, vibrant cities and towns, etc.

However, we also would like to show you the real authentic Spain, which is much more than only sunny weather, nice beaches and tasty cuisine. Spain has a lot of gems –  places hidden from tourist routes.

We are here to help you with:

  • Make an idea of which part of Spain would like you to go to;
  • Plan your Spain travel;
  • Discover Spanish food and cuisine: we post recipes and food stories;
  • We give you lots of curious information about Spain from an insider’s point of view, that could help you to see Spain from another perspective!

In other words, Spain is an excellent destination for everyone – for families with kids, couples, solo travellers, elder people, for low or high holiday budgets, for short time travel or 6-months stay. Everyone will find here what he needs.

In conclusion, travelling to Spain could be your very exciting holiday experiences. Plan your Spain travel wise and enjoy it for 120%!