Spanish Paella Recipe

Looking for good paella recipe to cook? Paella is a dish that everyone has heard of! Isn’t it? Today paella is the most famous symbol of Spanish cuisine and is known all over the world. This dish, which is cooked on the basis of rice with the addition of meat (sometimes fish or seafood) and …

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Spanish Ham Croquettes [Croquetas de Jamon]

May be many of you have already heard something about “Spanish ham croquettes” or even tried them? “Croquettes” is a Spanish dish in the form of crispy balls deep-fried with béchamel sauce and various other fillings. Sounds delicious, doesn’t it? This simple but tasty dish first appeared in France in the 18th and 19th centuries, …

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Spanish Tortilla Recipe. Facts about Spanish omelette

VIDEO RECIPE OF SPANISH TORTILLA. The Spanish tortilla is one of the most iconic dishes of Spanish gastronomic culture. This is a simple egg and potato dish served like Spanish tapa and can be found in any bar or restaurant. Regarding the origin of this dish, experts date the appearance of the Spanish tortilla in …

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