Food Gift – original idea to surprise your special someone

Food is a unique universal pleasure. Why no to consider it as a gift?

A food gift is a great option to surprise anyone on your list.  We know that sometimes it is not easy to find the right gift for someone. We are spending hours and hours searching for something to surprise the Mr. “I don’t need anything!” and Mrs. “Oh, I have everything” 

In these cases, the food gift could be a great idea. Today the market is full of different kind of offers about food gifts baskets – for men, for women, for boyfriend, for best friend, for parents, for colleagues. With this quantity of choice, it becomes easier to find the right one for your special person. However, you need to know a little about the tastes of your recipient to make him happy with the gift. 

Let’s check some examples of food gift baskets options:

1. Gourmet food gift baskets

For example, it could be a box of a unique product – like gourmet cheese selection, or olive oil from some specific region. Also, it could be a mixed box with different gourmet edition goodies. Then finally it could be a food box representing a country and its gastronomy.

2. Wine boxes

Firstly, we need to say that wine is always an amazing gift option. For example, a mixed food box with wine or a box of wine only will be a great gift. Many local and international wine shops are offering the option of wine subscription for several months of a year when they will send to the recipient each month new wines. It is an amazing way to discover new wine regions and dive into the wine world. Also, you always can purchase a wine box directly from the winery.

wine box-food-gift

3. Beer boxes or Spirits boxes

For those who prefer something stronger than wine – there are plenty of options for beer or spirits boxes. For example, a craft beer box with different unusual flavours could be your option. Or a selection of spirits from around the world – to prepare a degustation and learn the difference.


4. Breakfast food gift baskets

Usually contain a kit of products you can prepare for a nice breakfast, such as fresh juices, artisan bread, croissants, different jams, honey, butter, some fruits, charcuterie items, some cheese  – all depends on the provider you choose.

5. Special Edition boxes

These are special edition products that you won’t find anywhere else. For people who appreciate uniqueness and artisan approach – awesome gift option.

olive oil-gourmet-pack-food-gift

6. Coffee boxes

Every coffee lover will appreciate the gift box with his favourite coffee for a whole month or a subscription for a year.

7. Candy or chocolate box

It is also a great option for food gift boxes. chocolates from around the world or from some specific region. Candies with unusual tastes – amazing choice for a person who loves sweets. 

As we mentioned before, there is plenty of choice for every taste and wallet. Sause boxes, exotic fruit gift boxes, snacks boxes, pancakes boxes, selection of nuts, spices, seasonings etc.