March 25, 2021

Gifts for her: How to surprise her. [100% Success Guaranteed Guide]

💥Attention!💥 You are about to read the most honest post ever about how to choose gifts for her, written by a picky woman with intention of making men’s life easier.

Be careful about choosing gifts for her

Now there are thousands of advice and blog posts with ideas and listings from Amazon titled “gift for her”.

From chocolate to perfumes, cosmetics to kitchen accessories, clothing, jewellery and spring water bottles and drops of youth. But it’s not so easy to decide what is going to make exactly Your Girl happy. Not easy, huh?

“I don’t know what to give her, seems like she has everything!”

the most popular phrase I’ve ever heard. but believe me, it’s not true.

Let’s check this more precisely. And please, don’t go directly to Amazon looking for something. Think first!

Firstly, the №1 advice of how to find right gifts for her is: Listen to your girl attentively.

This will cost you nothing but will save you money and nerves.  Most of the women are very talkative and emotional creatures, within a month or so before the date X, your woman yourself will give you hundreds of ideas about what she would like to have. Trust me, even if you are one of the most attentive men on this planet, probably this information still passing by your ears.

Only following this unique tip you won’t ever find a problem with choosing a gift for a woman.

Listen to your girl with attention

Although there are women who are very complicated to meet their expectations or they are silent and don’t share their wishes. If your woman you are looking for a gift for is like this, the next steps are for you to make.

TOP-5 Tips of how to get perfect gifts for her

1. Think of what she likes to do.

  • Does she like to read? – Give her a book, handmade or personalized bookmarks, e-book, subscription services for ebooks,  etc.
  • Does she love to watch movies? – pay her Netflix/HBO/Amazon/ etc. subscription for a year.
  • She enjoys doing sport –  equipment for the type of sport she practices, activities trackers, or paying her abonnement to the gym for a year may be an option.
  • Shopping is her addiction? – gift card from your favourite shop or a personal shopper option.
  • Etc., etc…

2. After that, think about what she likes to eat.

  • Maybe she loves chocolate?  – find a chocolate factory nearby and take her for an excursion or find her a rare unusual chocolate from another part of the world that she has never tried before (thank the internet and international delivery all is easy today!).
  • She loves Asian food -– a master-class from a chef, a cooking book with recipes, authentic kitchen items for making these specific dishes.
  • She loves wine – a rare bottle of wine,  accessories for wine lovers or a course of WSET!

3. What is her hobby about.

  • Does she love photography?  -gift her a good lens, camera, lighting kit,  tripod or any other good equipment that will help her to go further in her addiction.
  • Painting?  – painting set, some fancy paints, easel or maybe some painting classes online or in your town. 
  • Games is her hobby? – new game, fancy stuff for gamers or a T-short with her favourite hero!
  • etc., etc…

4. Where she would like to travel to.

For example, she dreams to go to Vietnam. If you are not yet about to give her a trip to this country at least you can give her a chance to get closer to her dream right now. Give her something that origins in this country and represent a piece of culture – a Vietnamese conical leaf hat, food box from Vietnam, hand-made ceramic or bamboo plates, wooden clogs, etc.

5. Think about her appearance.

For example, jewellery, cosmetics, makeup, beauty accessories items, beauty procedures, perfumes, cloth or shoes – all these things could be great gifts for her.


By giving yourself 20 minutes and following these simple 5 steps, you will save hours and hours of checking endless listings and guides of “203 gifts for her ideas” and surfing between different online-stores.

Of course, it requires a bit of “work” and brainstorming. However, believe me, your colleague’s/ friend’s/ girlfriend’s/wife’s smile, when she will receive your present, is definitely worth it!

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