April 5, 2021


The recipe of sangria knows almost every Spaniard. This traditional Spanish drink has become very popular these days. Let’s dive into the recipe and the story behind sangria.

Sangria made of red and white wine

What exactly is sangria?

Sangria – is a typical Spanish and Portuguese alcoholic drink, made of wine, chopped fruits and adding some spirits, such as white rum or brandy. In summer, you would probably be able to find sangria in every bar or restaurant across Spain and also in Portugal.

Today you can find 2 main types of sangria – red and white. However, the traditional one is the red one. The white sangria came up to delight the taste and tourist’s demand. Also, there are variations of rose sangria, sangria made of cava (in Catalunia), and sangria made on basis of sider (popular in Asturias)

Recipe of Sangria

Firstly, we need to mention that there are hundreds of recipes for sangria. Every bartender has their tips and tricks in preparing sangria. Wine, fruits, sugar, soda, orange juice and some spirits or liquor  – this is the basis. Meanwhile, everyone likes to mix these ingredients in different proportions, adding or removing some of them.

Although, we suggest you try our recipe, which has its origin in a small old Spanish village in Costa Blanca.

  • Fruits (1 of each):
    • apple
    • peach
    • pear
    • orange
    • lemon
  • A bottle of red wine
  • 1 glass of orange juice
  • 2 tbsp of sugar (brown or white)
  • Cinnamon stick
  • 50 gr of Cointreau (or any other liquor you prefer)
  • Ice
Preparation process:

Cut all fruits into small pieces, add orange juice and sugar. Add wine, liquor, mix it all and put it in the fridge to let fruits macerate a bit. Leave in the fridge for about 2 hours. Once taken from the fridge, add ice and serve very cold!

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What Is The Best Wine For Sangria?

Firstly, avoid really bad wines. If you have a bottle of wine that you don’t really like and want to use this for sangria – please, don’t do it. Because this way you won’t like the result. Wine is a very important ingredient, and it should comply delight your taste.

  1. Make sure the wine is fruity, not old and inexpensive.
  2. Merlot, Mencia, Cabernet Franc – could be a great choice for your red sangria.
  3. For white sangria – Viognier, Torrontes, Sauvignon Blanc or  Vinho Verde. But make sure the wine you chose is unoaked.

Can you get drunk off sangria?

Oh yes! Likewise all alcoholic drinks it can make you drunk. Be careful with this drink, tastes like cold sweet juice it enters very easily, moreover in the Spanish heat. But remember that it contains the cocktail of wine with spirits. Which could be a very tasty but “dangerous” mix!

Sangria origins

There is a version of how and when sangria came from. The legend tells that the origin of this drink dates back to the year 1700. Moreover, the idea belongs to British sailors, when the consumption of alcohol was prohibited and they invented to mix rum with honey, local fruits and red wine to make it look like fruit juice.

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