January 28, 2021

Spanish Tortilla Recipe. Facts about Spanish omelette

VIDEO RECIPE OF SPANISH TORTILLA. The Spanish tortilla is one of the most iconic dishes of Spanish gastronomic culture. This is a simple egg and potato dish served like Spanish tapa and can be found in any bar or restaurant.


Regarding the origin of this dish, experts date the appearance of the Spanish tortilla in 1798. Specifically in the town of Villanueva de la Serena in Extremadura. Joseph de Tena Godoy and the Marquis de Robledo are the two masters who are credited with creating this dish. Both sought to make cheap and nourishing food. The food that would alleviate the many famines that ravaged Europe at the end of the 18th century. Hence they chose two simple and affordable elements – eggs and potatoes, and with imagination and the help of the townspeople they discovered one of the best delicacies of our gastronomy.

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Nowadays, the 20th-century Spanish tortilla is no longer considered as a humble dish. It became so famous in Spain that there are even national competitions on preparation, using different Spanish tortilla recipe. It celebrated between February and April, in several Spanish towns. Thus, in 2014, the city of Vitoria obtained the title of the biggest Spanish tortilla in the world with 1,600 kg of potatoes, 16,000 eggs, 150l of oil, 26 kg of onions and 15 kg of salt.

One of the curiosities about the spanish tortilla is an important dilemma that divides the country: the use of onion.

Spaniards are divided into two groups, those who love the Spanish tortilla with onion and those who cannot stand it. The most purists argue that the traditional recipe is without onion – only potato, egg and oil. But others love to add this ingredient of discord because it makes the dish juicier.

Traditional Spanish omelette recipe

What is the most popular version? With onion. This is confirmed by a study: of the 1,700 respondents, 71% prefer it with.

What would you choose, with or without onion?

Here we have some curiosities of the Spanish omelette:

  • In Spain there are ice creams that perfectly imitate the flavor of the Spanish tortilla. Would you dare to try it? 😉
  • Tortilla It is the dish that Spaniards prepare the most when they live abroad.
  • 86% of the Spaniards know how to prepare a Spanish tortilla. Almost half of them do it at least once a week.
  • In Spain you can even find a special “double pan” to make it easier to turn the tortilla when cooking.

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